Bed leveling with duetwifi

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    I have a 650x400 bed sized machine I am building, 4mm glass plate alloy plate underneath for support. What have ppl found to be the most successful and (acceptably) accurate auto leveling system for use with a duetwifi? Looking at some reviews it almost seems a simple switch touching the bed beats most things especially on price?

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    See for a comparison.

    The cheapest auto level probe is no probe at all. If the bed is flat (e.g. cast aluminium tool plate) and the gantry doesn't sag, this is a realistic option for a Cartesian or CoreXY printer.

    The problem with using a switch is that you either have to fit and remove it manually, or have some sort of deployment mechanism to keep it clear of the nozzle when it is not in use.

    My delta printer uses a nozzle contact probe, and my Cartesian and SCARA printers use IR sensors. Nozzle contact probes are probably the most accurate, but the IR sensor works sufficiently well with a glass bed as long as you put a matt black surface beneath it and you don't put coatings on the glass. I print PLA directly on to the glass.

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