12v PWM fan control from 24v power supply?

  • I have the duet wifi, powered by a single 24v power supply. I'm running stuff like an IP cam and some LEDs off of a buck converter which lowers the voltage, but what about PWM outputs? How do I drive 12v fans (I can't find 24v variants of the fans I use) from the PWM outputs on the board?

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    If all your fans are 12V then you can feed 12V from your buck converter into the middle pin of the fan voltage select jumper block on the Duet WiFi. Otherwise, connect the fan red lead to the +12V output from your converter, and the fan black lead to the switched-ground pin of the fan output on the Duet WiFi.

    What type of fan is it that you can't find in 24V?

  • Noctua doesn't offer any 24v fans. All of the 24v "quiet" fans that I could see on Amazon in the US are super chunky, and I'm not too confident in picking from digi-key's catalogue.

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