Second thermistor as a failsafe?

  • My keenovo has a thermistor built into it, but I also have one on the top of my aluminum plate. I prefer to use the one on top since it's more accurate for the print at the printing surface. I'm wondering if I can use the one in the keenovo as a fail-safe, where if it gets more than X degrees higher than the other, it shuts off the bed. Is something like this possible? Or can I at least set the second thermistor up to display without having to associate it with a hotend, etc?

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    It's possible to use a second thermistor to set an upper temperature limit, using some features that have been added to M143 but not yet documented. I've asked the person who did the work on M143 to document the new features in the GCode wiki.

    It's also possible to display the reading of a thermistor not associated with a heater by creating a named virtual heater for it using M305.

  • Thanks David!

    Using it as an upper limit in this case would be the ideal situation.

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