Cartistian boxed IDEX Printer (WIP)

  • Hello everybody,

    I started with 3d printing with an Anet A8, after some Modifications the Prints are quite good but i am running into trouble with the small print area.

    After looking around for the "perfect" printer for my needs (and budget), my needs:

    1. Printbed at least 500mmx500mm
    2. Multiextrusion ASA and PVA

    well thats basicly all i need but it turned out to be rather difficult to find or quite expensive, so i started to plan my own 3d printer.


    1. needs to fit through the door (max 75cm width)
    2. Budget 2500$ (might not get all features from the start)

    So i basicly started to built the printer the way i thought it would work out, after a couple of design changes thats the state it is currently in:

    overall size: L1050mm W720 H1000mm

    Z-Axis: 4linear rails MGN12+ 4x TR8*1 leadscrew, driven by an nema23 57HM51 (0.9°) stepper motor (or 2 if it is not enough)
    Y-Axis: 2linear rails MGN12+ 9mm GT2 belt (on both sides, connected with an 8mm rod), driven nema23 57HM51
    X-Axis: 2x 1linear rail MGN12+ 9mm GT2 belt, driven by nema 17 42HM40 (0.9°) stepper motor.
    the rails are on opposing sides of the 2020 extrusion so both can travel the complete length of the x-axis


    Electronics: duetwifi+duex5+sensorboards+duepanel integrated and filamentsensors

    Heatbed: 6x 300x300mm 750Watt Siliconheater+ Standalone Controller for each heater

    heated Chamber: somehow i need to heat the chamber, i will see if the large heatbed is enoughto heat the chamber or if i have to add a seperate heater)

    Hotend: 2x e3d Chimera watercooled

    Extruder: 4x zesty Nimble

    I hope to have everything running around june

    PS: spools/steppermotors and electronics getting there one compartment on top of the printer

    I hope everything works out as i planned, exspecially the software, i am more an hardware guy, rather then a programmer…


  • administrators

    The software won't be a problem, I'm here to help! But the hardware aspects of large printers are challenging.

    You don't need to use a standalone controller for the bed heater, just use an AC mains silicone heater controlled using a SSR. Details on the wiki. Likewise the chamber heater, if you need one.

  • so built is starting to take shape, i currently ordering the missing pieces and doing some progress on the enclosure, the small stuff really adds up and there are always small thinks that i miss.


  • i just wanted to give a quick update, everything moves fine right now, but i could noch test ist because i dont have the tubing adapters for my chimera aqua and e3d keeps telling me it will be availible next week (for the last month)

    i dipped the idex and built a 2nd printer in the enclosure (420x420x300mm) to run the 2nd chimera aqua.



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