Tevo Black Widow endstops and Duet Wifi

  • Is it possible to use these sensors with the Duet Wifi? http://www.clrwtr.com/PDF/SUNX/SUNX-GL-8U-Proximity-Sensors.pdf

    I have tested them and they do not work under 4.9 volts. I've seen some talk about sending them higher power on the + line and then putting a resistor on the return signal line to protect the Duet but I'm unsure of how that would be calculated for this sensor?

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    According to the datasheet they need 12V power and have NPN open collector output. You can connect them to the Duet endstop inputs using a Schottky diode, as described for NPN output inductive probes on the wiki page about connecting Z probes.

  • What does the diode do in this situation? If I'm reading that correctly, the signal wire from the sensor will be attached to the cathode which will not let current flow until the breakdown voltage is reached. The breakdown voltage for both the BAT43 and BAT85 are 30 volts. I'm not very good with electronics and I assume I'm missing something here due to "(typically to VIN because these sensors usually need between 6 and 30V power)"and it has nothing to do with the breakdown voltage but I would like to understand what is happening.

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