Replacement part for F2 Fuse

  • Can you inform which component should I buy to replace F2 fuse at duetwifi (1A 32V). Best regards.

  • administrators

    Any 1A mini blade fuse. You can increase the rating to 2A or 3A if you are running fans or air pumps that have a high current draw. I bought some here

    You may be the first person who has needed to replace that fuse since we introduced it. Can you tell us what caused it to blow?

    I'll update the spare parts wiki page.

  • I know this is an old topic... but I managed to blow the F2 fuse today. I connected one of the pwm fan connections to a proto board via the pins so I could use it to connect some LED's separately with a soldered connection to the proto board and not have to solder on the duet wifi. I noticed that the fans stopped working after that. I checked continuity with all the pins prior and there were no shorts but i must have missed something that caused it to short. That is my guess, but it was directly related to connecting a pwm fan connection to a proto board that just has other pins soldered onto it in a series.

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