Turn off IR sensor after probing

  • Hi,
    I would like to disable the sensor after probing, because it shines too much on a webcam.
    Can I connect IR sensor power to an output pin and control it with M42?

  • administrators

    Not directly, because the current draw of the sensor is around 10mA, which is too much for and output pins to drive directly. You would need to use a PNP transistor to switch the pin. Choose one that can take the current surge when you turn it on, e.g. BC327, and use a series resistor to the base of about 10K. Don't forget that when you turn it on, the sensor needs 5-6 seconds to initialise.

    Alternatively, can you shield the LED on the side where the webcam is?

  • Thanks David!
    Probe LEDs look away from the camera, but they still light up the part pretty much.
    I'll try your advice.

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