Dragging head

  • This could be my setup or possibly a slicer bug (S3D) but I've noticed that on a couple prints now that the head will frequently drag through the work rather than over it when doing a long transit move. (On one occasion I'm sure I heard it hit the glass bed!)

    It's at least 0.2mm low, possibly more and hit hard enough on one occasion to mess up the print alignment requiring a home to get back in sync.

    Everything is levelled, calibrated and tuned up though I don't think it could be calibration since, if that were the case, it would follow the same track when laying down the filament in the first place.

    I'm running a delta configuration on 1.21RC3 though I think I first saw it just after I updated to 1.20. (Though that may be a red herring because I did a lot of slicer tweaks around the same time.)

    Transit moves are set to the S3

    I'm sure it's probably something stupid I've done but can't think what it might be at the moment.

    Has anyone else come across this behaviour on a Delta?

  • Sorry it was me being stupid.

    My xy move speed was set to 300mm/s which was causing missed steps.

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