Still issues 1st layer

  • HI all,

    I've got a converted Tevo Little Monster Delta, and have some issues getting the 1st layer down. I have converted to mag-ball arms and the smart effector.
    Using genuine Titan extruder and genuine Volcano hot-end with 0.4mm nozzle.

    Often the nozzle will be moving to generate the model first layer, but nothing laid down (I do have a big fat purge line at front of the bed programmed into the starting file…this works ok so its not a priming issue). Often when I cancel the print and re-home...there is lots of filament bunched up around the nozzle.

    Before each print in the start script is a G32 calibration, and then a G29 S1 (there is no G28 homing after any of this).

    After G32, the pop-up on DWC shows about 0.032 deviation on average....which I think is reasonable?

    bed.g does 6-factor calibration with I think 10 outer and 6 mid points (plus centre point of course).

    However, I still have problems.

    In my config.g file, the smart effector probe offset is -0.142 which was the average of multiple probes following the details in the Delta calibration guide.

    In S3D, I have no X,Y or Z offsets set in the G-CODE tab.

    My first layer height is 80%, width 110% and I typically print at 0.2mm nominal layer height. Anything less than this and I literally can't get any 1st layer down.

    I try baby-stepping but I can't figure out if the head is too close or too far away from the bed.

    HELP please, it's driving me mad!

  • "Often when I cancel the print and re-home…there is lots of filament bunched up around the nozzle."

    Is it extruding and not sticking while it's printing the first layer or rubbing the nozzle on the bed while printing and then relieving pressure when you raise the Z? If it's extruding and not sticking, you should try lowering the nozzle. If the nozzle is rubbing on the bed, you need to raise the nozzle.

    Your 80% first layer height means you are starting at .16, this does not affect the extrusion rate.

    The width of 110% will be 110% of your current extrusion width, this does change the extrusion rate.

    When printing low layer heights, you may want to increase first layer height and width to allow it to stick better.

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