LED lighting?

  • Can I connect LED lighting to the fan outputs? How much LED lighting? I'd like to be able to dim the lighting, etc. Can I connect them to an unused heater output? How much? Etc.

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    Yes you can connect leds to the fan outputs. I am using an always on fan header to power a strip of LED tape.

    The fan outputs are rated to 1.5A maximum according to the wiki. So knowing your voltage and the wattage per led of your strip, you can calculate how many amps it will take.

    Not sure about heater outputs, but there are lots of threads about led lights if you do a search. You'll likely also be able to find discussion on using PWM to dim and control colors for RGB LEDs.

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    You can connect lighting to an unused heater output too, if you disable the corresponding heater using M307, which makes it available for general purpose output using M42.

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