Bug in software?

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    Not sure how to report a potential bug or not, but I created a gcode file with a parenthesis "(" in the name, which isn't good practice anyways. It let me upload the file, but I got an error that M32 couldn't find the file and I noticed it was telling the printer to print a file except without the parenthesis. So my file name was "Smashing Tumelo-Allis (1).gcode" and it errored saying "Smashing Tumelo-Allis .gcode" could not be found.

    Now if this is common knowledge that "(" can't be used then ok, it should have errored when I tried to upload the file. Otherwise this is an issue. It won't let me delete the file using the panel due and panel due displays the file name correctly. I guess I will have to pull the SD card and manually erase it. Not a huge deal, but figured I would mention it.

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    This has been raised several times. In standard CNC GCode, parentheses enclose comments, therefore the parentheses and anything inside them is stripped out. The workaround is to enclose filename sin double-quote characters in the associated GCode commands. The latest RC versions of PanelDue and DWC do this already.

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