Shared configuration parameters between Z-Probe types

  • Hi, I have recently switched from a pure probe setup to a combination of

    • a z-switch used to establish Z0
    • an inductive NPN NO zprobe to perform the bed mapping

    I am using switch types P4 for the inductive Probe and P7 for the switch. My understanding was that by using

    G31 T7 and
    G31 T4

    I could set offsets for each probe individually and then would merely have to switch between the two probing systems at appropriate times using M558,
    however it seems that I need to pass the appropriate G31 calls everytime as well. The Z Probe article on the wiki does not include the latest
    probe types and the doc for G31 mentions that "Separate G31 parameters may be defined for different probe types (i.e. 0+4 for switches, 1+2 for IR probes and 3 for alternative sensors)"

    Does this mean when I call
    G31 T4 ….
    and then
    G31 T7 ....
    i am essentially overwriting the parameters even though the T parameter is different?

  • Just as a tangeant to this, why not have two macros, each one has the complete M558, G31 commands, then just run whichever macro for whichever setup you want?

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    Z probe types 1,2,5,8 and 9 share a set of parameters. Types 4,6,7 share another set, and type 3 has a set all to itself. So you could connect one of your Z probes to the Z probe connector and use type 5 for that one.

  • @djdemond that's how I'm doing it now. I just wanted to confirm that I am not running into some other issue

    @dc42 thanks for clearing that up. I hope others with the same question as mine will find this explanation as well.

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