File Progress time never accurate? what have i missed.

  • Im sitting here watching my prints almost being at the end. 15 layers togo and my Printer tells me that it´s 4h to go before the print is done. it´s never shows a reliable time. and the intresting part is my completed % is 49.3% is it something in my s3d profile or start/end code that are wrong that makes the duet behave this way?

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    RRF gives you are 3 estimates of the print completion time, all based on information extracted from the GCode file (filament needed, object height etc.). Sadly there is no standard way of presenting that information in the file, so RRF does the best it can, and doesn't always get it right - especially when the way that information is presented changes with new versions of the slicer.

    Without knowing whether that was the estimate based on filament, on layers or on file length, I can't comment on why it may have been so inaccurate in that case.

    If you want an accurate print time estimate, simulate the print first. Simulation runs at around 50x print speed, so an 8 hour print takes about 10 minutes to simulate.

  • ahh okey 🙂 tought it was me that done something wrong 😄 it´s not like i care about the time. i rather have it take longer and it gets a better result. 🙂 i wait for my secounds duet wifi controller for my old printer. really love the board. it´s so much easyer to controll.

  • would not it be more accurate to express numbers of layers finished/total rather than as estimates of time?

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    would not it be more accurate to express numbers of layers finished/total rather than as estimates of time?

    If we did that, I'm sure we would be inundated with requests for estimating the print completion time.

    Of the 3 estimates provided, the one based on filament usage is usually the most accurate.

  • Yes, i undestand you.
    But if you have difficulty about finish time estimation without simulation, i am thinking aloud, showing running layer of total layer may be much more effective.

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    DWC already shows the current layer and total layers, when it is able to establish that information. At present, PanelDue doesn't.

  • All the estimates given by DWC are based on what has happened so far and then extrapolating this to calculate what will happen for the rest of the print. I doesn't\can't look ahead in real time. So any estimate based on what has happened so far will only be accurate if what has yet to happen proceeds at the same rate.
    Taking a simple example, if you print a simple cylinder where every layer takes the same amount of time, uses the same amount of filament and runs the same number of gcode operations, then the estimates to completion at any given point in the print will be fairly accurate. But if you print a cone with every layer taking slightly less time, then predictions of how long it will take to print the rest of the layers, based on how long it has taken to print previous layers, is going to be wrong. As David said, filament usage will usually be the most accurate but even then it depends on the rate of filament extrusion being fairly constant throughout the print, which is seldom is.

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