Homing problem on delta

  • Hello All!

    I have a homing error with my duetWifi on a delta printer:

    If one of the towers (tried only Z) is much lower then the others (So the position is: X:0 Y:100 Z:10 for example) then when I hit home, the following happens:
    All the towers start raising with equal speed … OK
    X and Y towers hit the endstop ... OK
    X and Y lower for the second pass
    All tower movements slow down, including Z which has not hit the endstop yet
    X and Y is homed for the second time
    The movement speeds up, X and Y towers crash into the endstop (audible missed steps, etc) as Z continues rising

    Finally the printer homes correctly, but still...

    fw version: 1.20 for all

    The printer othervise works perfectly, and homing is fine too if there isn't that much of a difference in the pulley heights.

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    This issue is covered in the FAQ on the wiki.

  • The problem was I used an insufficent value in the configurator originally for the Maximum carriage travel value, which in turn got translated to an insufficent value for the first G1 S1 command in the homedalta.g

    Thank you for the help!

    The RRF configurator's default value is 250 for "Homed Height", and 260 for "Maximum carriage travel"
    The tooltip is "Maximum travel in Z direction" which is misleading (Or at least it was for me).

    Wouldn't a default value around 450 (homed height + the pulley movement to acheive max X or max Y position), and a tooltip "Maximum travel of a pulley" be more appropriate?

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