Rectangle prints as parallelogram

  • HI all,

    I printed a battery holder for a micro-quadcopter yesterday.

    In essence it is a rectangle flat plate, with two slots in the base, then some built up sides. Very much like this (I can't find the original thingiverse page now)

    The print looks fantastic, no stringing, perfect holes etc.

    However, the overall print is not "square". i.e. it's more like a parallelogram when looking from the top or bottom. I printed it with the long edge along the X-axis.

    I've not noticed this before, but it's also rare I print anything so uniform in shape….what could cause that?

    The G32 routine run in the start code had a resulting deviation of 0.038 by the way.

    Printer is Tevo LM adapted with duet wifi board and smart effector.

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