Can Haydn delrin mag arms stand the heat of enclosed printer?

  • I recently enclosed my delta to print ABS better but my mag arms with PLA ends got warped pretty soon. I ordered a new set of delrin ended arms which should stand the heat a lot better but i noticed that they seem to have a printed insert between the delrin end and the carbon tube. Do anyone know if the part is indeed printed and if it is, is it PLA or ABS? Or do anyone have experiences running the delrin arms on enclosed printer. I really don't want to waste another set or arms.

  • I'm running homemade pla Haydn arms in a chamber at 56 deg C and they haven't deformed yet.

    I also have the ready made delrin ones, I wouldn't be concerned unless your going really hot.

  • Hmm my flying extruder mount is definitely putting some sideways forces to the arms so i guess that the PLA got slightly soft and that made it to warp. Gotta revise the mount again and swap the arms ?

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