After upgrading to 1.20 webcontrol no icons for manipulating macros?

  • after upgrading to 1.20 webcontrol the three columns with coloured icons to run / edit / trash macros ) seem to be missing?

    don't find a preference for this? Any suggestions?

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    Right-click on the filename instead.

  • Thanks, that did it!

    (Don't know why didn't figure that out, but was comparing with editing the system files (which was working). System files list in exactly the same way yet produce an "edit" when you click on them. Of course there's a logic behind that but, from a UI perspective easily confuses monkeys like me!)

    btw. In config.g have "M550 PBigBoxPro" yet when I connect to my wifi router the network name for the duet's IP address is showing up as "*" (all other devices on the network show up properly named). Pretty sure this was working last time I checked (prior to 1.20 upgrade).

  • Addendum on the right-clicking.

    On my Macbook Pro 15 inch right clicking means holding the control key and clicking with the mouse.

    Normal behaviour is that, after releasing the mouse button the popup menu remains and you can then stroke the trackpad to select the desired item.

    In the 1.20 Webcontrol you have to HOLD the trackpad down whilst simultaneously stroking it to find the desired item. This is quite difficult to do, particularly when you have the habit of working otherwise.

    With hindsight might well have tried right clicking and had no luck. Because generally click-release quickly would have seen nothing.

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