Steel cable of remote extruder attracted by magnetic rods

  • I already added a 25mm spacer on the mount but the steel cable of my zesty nimble is still attracted to the rods and will rub against it and the pcb carriage adapter.
    Probably this will destroy something in the longrun, i'm especially worried about the wiring to the effector that run along the drive cable.

    I thought about using a bit of flexible material that adds a force away from the magnetic rod, probably attached to one of the top extrusions.
    But maybe someone has a better idea?

  • Nuvag, it is difficult to picture your problem and a photo would help.

    If I am understanding correctly, however, the Nimble drive cable is flopping down onto the rods. I used two similar to these that I attached to the drive cable and two of the delta top horizontal extrusions. It sorted any 'floppiness'.

    Hope this helps.


  • Ah thats a clever idea! Probably you use one with a nylon or steel core instead of fabric, how long do these hold up?
    I destroyed several fabric ones whiting a few months when using them in for the intended use which would translate to a few days when used in a printer.

    The steel core ones where hard to get by when i lived in Germany, i was told these where illegal as they could be used as a weapon (to strangle someone). Not sure if that is true but wouldn't be surprised if it was 🙂
    Luckily no problems getting these now that i live in Switzerland, though.

  • Mine use fabric thread - been there for about 6 months with no sign of wear. Maybe I've been lucky but at that price I'll just change them when they go!


  • Images:

    Notice i used a 25mm spacer for attaching the extruder motor mount which helped, but once attached to the rods it won't come off again.
    It features a swivel mount as i found the steel cable was applying too much force when the print head was near the z tower (as the bend radius was too small).

    The red string that is attached to the cable is a constant velocity spring using a flexible matierial, which i just attached and did help, too (
    I think this could work but has to be printed stronger and need to use a proper mount on the top extrusions.

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