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  • Is there any way to subscribe for notifications when new releases of Duet/PanelDue firmware occur?

    Subscribing to the Firmware installation thread would work but it is quite a busy thread and, much as I love hearing about problems with CNC machines and routing issues, I'd rather just know that, for example RC5 has been released.

  • A firmware notification can be useful.

  • This forum is your best option - as discussed a few times already.
    You can also subscribe this atom feed from GitHub:

  • As my post mentions this is a busy forum and spotting a valid release post can be tricky.

    I can’t find the previous discussions but I can say that, for me, the forum is definitely not the best (or even a good) option.

    Because of the way the forum works announcement posts quickly get swamped and older ones resurface.

    I haven’t been able to get the atom feed to work but I suspect that would probably send me ext a notifications when interim checkins occur.

    I’m not asking for anything complex, just a folder/thread where only DC can post that only has release notifications. Anyone who’s interested can then subscribe to that thread and only receive release notifications without a side order of FTP settings, M25 errors and and Raspberry Pi.

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    The forum will be moving to different software soon, and when that happens it may well be easier to implement something along these lines. Meanwhile I suggest you check at intervals.

  • If you have a smart phone (Iphone or Android) there is a free app called Feeder that you can use to subscribe to the atom github feed (, and then when it changes you'll get a push notification to inform you of new firmware.

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