Blinking but no detection

  • I have a V1.2 IR Height sensor that for some reason seems to have stopped detecting things. When powered on it flashes four times, indicating that the board has started in analog output mode. However the board does not light when it approaches an object. the board will light 2 times when connected to a 5V supply with the output pin pulled high so the board seems to recognize the differences between the two setups.

    Edit: I have lokeda t it through my phone camera and only the IR LED closest to the Capacitor is lit, i will try to re-flow the solder joint as it could have been bumped and broken.

  • This has been solved. The Right-most LED had broken its solder joint so i had to scrape off some of the solder mask to expose some copper to get better contact and after adding more solder to the pin it has resumed working.

    The solder joints on those LED's seem to have very little solder connecting them.

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