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  • Are there any plans to make a smaller smart effector type probe for cartesian and corexy style printers?

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    Yes, but it will take some time because we want it to support direct extruders.

  • Ah do I get the current delta version now or wait!? Roughly how long do you expect it will be? Are we talking a year? If you need a beta tester…

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    It will be months rather than weeks.

  • Hey dc42; thanks for all of your work in the project. I work on the Klipper project and am currently testing the initial version of the QuadFusion head from m3d and working to extend their color mixing algorithm. It's being driven by a duet2 maestro, of course, but in my case I've converted an ender 3 to use the qf head. I am an mcu/firmware developer... I was curious what the actual sensing method being used by the Smart Effector is... my hope was to actually begin prototyping a version of this that could be used with the QF head, since the d2 maestro already has smart effector headers... I may go ahead and acquire the v6 version and alter it for the time being unless you have any other suggestions.



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    The Smart Effector uses traces on the top and bottom the effector PCB as a strain gauge, to sense the slight flexing of the PCB when nozzle contact is made.

    We looked at doing a version for the Titan Aero, but the current mounting system of the Aero doesn't really lend itself to this approach.

    If you are looking for nozzle-contact bed probing on a Cartesian printer, you may wish to look at Precision Piezo.

    HTH David

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