How to remove horizontal line from coreXY custom build prints

  • Hi to everybody,
    I have a coreXY cusom build using DuetWifi, e3D Cyclops Hotend, Bond tech extruders, and I have tuned and tight everything properly on it, I get almost perfect prints, but there is a pattern on the Z I really can´t remove.

    I use cura for slicing, and the only thing I could notice is that the pattern change in position when I change layer height. This make me Exclude there is any banding on my M10 Rods and leadscrew.

    Here is an image of the problem, let me know if you need more information. I really have run out of ideas.



  • try to print without bed heating to exclude heating problem due to incorrect PID calibration

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    As @paboman says, but also choose a layer height that is an exact number of full steps of the Z motor.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, I have tried both already, I used the prusa calculator to get the best layer height, and that made no difference, or it did change the pattern position. the heated bed pattern would look different and it would fade further away the Z.

    I go agree it has something to do with the layer height, but I am not really sure how to calculate the right layer height, unless I use one of this online calculator.also my leadscrew has a pitch of 2 that should make it really easy to divide.

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