12v 4 Pin PWM Fan on Duex5 w/ 24 VIN?

  • I have some 12v fans I'd like to use with the Duex5. I have a 24v PSU. I switched the V FAN Jumper Select to 12v. However, my fans are 4 pin. I can pull the vin / gnd for the fans, but there's no "always on" to connect them to. (I've also split out the PWM connector, and can connect it to one of the PWM fan pins).

    Is it possible to use these in this configuration?

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    Try connecting the red wire to the VFAN side of the fan connector, the PWM wire to FAN- on the same connector, and the black wire to ground. You can pick up ground from an endstop connector or from the 5V external power connector.

  • Having no luck at all with them. Tried inverting the port as well, no change.

  • Ok, my fault. Didn't have the 12v_EN jumper on. Only the 12V on the fan select.

    Connecting as you recommended and inverting the PWM works a charm. Thanks!

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