PS_ON Pull-Up Resistor Question

  • Hey guys,

    I've got a TDK-Lamda SWS600L-24 powersupply that I want to control with the Duet Wifi's PS_ON pin (I also have a seperate 5V PSU powering the Duet). In order to achieve this, I think I need to add a pull-up resistor (say, something like 4.7K ohm) between 5V and PS_ON. It seems that when I gave DWC the "ATX Power Off" command the PS_ON pin just floats, which won't work for this particular power supply.

    Will this be safe for the Duet? Or do I need to find a 3.3V terminal to attach the pull-up resistor to?

    As always, thanks for the help.

  • administrators

    Yes you can add a pull-up resistor from PS_ON to +5V.

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