Just found a goofy thing! :D

  • As the title states, I found a goofy little bug. Or at least its a bug in my mind.

    When printing something that takes almost no time at all (less than 30 minutes for the print I discovered it with), it seems the progress indicator begins to take into consideration the retraction! 😄

    I was printing something with 1.21RC3 that had small single line walls (think just a pillar that is 5mm long and only 1 perimeter thick) for the last 5-10 layers. Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye: The progess bar was showing that it was about 90% finished with the print, then suddenly jumped backwards to about 75, then back to 90, then back to 75, each time the printer made a retraction XD There was less than 10mm of filament left to 'print', and because the retraction was 10mm, each time it would seemingly add 10mm to that 'left to print', making it 20mm remaining, then it'd resume the print and go back to like, .9mm, then jump back up to 19mm, and just keep bouncing. All the while that lovely blue progress bar was flailing around madly. It made me laugh when I saw it XD

    Anyway, not sure if there is a 'bug report' or whatever channel somewhere still, so figured I'd just share a goofy little story.

    As a side note, some other silly goofy things its been doing is that when the end of a print calls "M104/M140 S0" to turn off the heater and bed, it sets the temps to 0 but the 'heaters' still say active, and will remain that way until manually 'turned off'. When this happens, and you start to print something else, it'll start throwing notifications up all over the window (4-5 times back to back and they stack up to fill the screen) that the previous print had finished and states its completion time. A PREVIOUS print mind you, not the one that ACTUALLY just finished. But the print that was finished before the current print finished. THEN when you try to print something else, it'll heat up the printer bed, then shut it back off and pop up multiple notifications about the current print finally finishing, and yet the print will still show that its 'printing', forcing you to hit the 'pause print' then 'cancel print' buttons, then restart the print by hitting 'print again'.

    Just some tiny stuff that isn't causing much of an issue. Cause like I said, I find these things kinda amusing honestly. Which is why I put them here in GD since I couldn't find an actual 'bug' channel lol.

    Oh, and that 'not actually turning the heaters off' thing does become slightly more annoying, in the sense that I now have an ATX power supply hooked up finally. That other one just couldn't get higher than 11.2 volts and would drop down to about 10.9V when heating up x-x So now the new ATX power supply is up and running, and works great! BUT because its not actually turning off the heaters, it keeps the PSU turned on…. dunno why. Its as if its treating the M104/M140 commands as M109/M190. Only real annoying thing about it.

    Anyway! Loving the updated firmwares for the most part! With the exception of those things, the printer has never ran as smoothly as it is right now. So GREAT AWESOME AMAZING WORK YOU AWESOME DEVS!!!!

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    The best place to report bugs in a release candidate firmware is probably in the thread dedicated to that release candidate. Those are usually in the Firmware installation forum.

  • Will do!

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