All set up and printing! Quick Question on XYZ Drive maximums

  • Rostock Max V2 with DuetWifi 1.21RC4. Loving Duet3d over the Rambo board so far. Way easier to setup than I thought. Printing just fine even with manual bed calibration till I get my FSR's (manual calibration was also excellent vs Repetier's), but just wondering what these drive maximums refer to exactly and where are these limits set?

    I have a 365mm build Z height and am wondering if 200mm~ limits like these will stop each tower at 200mm instead??

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    I'm glad you like the Duet. The axis limits and endstop positions for most printer types are set by the M208 commands in config.g. For deltas it's a little different. The minimum Z is still set by M208, but the printable radius is set by the B parameter in M665.

  • Ah right, so thats printable radius.. makes more sense (I was thinking z height). Any reason they would be those figure though? I dont see them referenced by my M665 in config.g:

    M665 R144.839 L291.6 B140 H365.699
    M666 X-0.71 Y0.07 Z0.64 A0.24 B0.54

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    I'm guessing that those figures reported by DWC are the M208 defaults, in which case they are not relevant to delta printers except for Z min. I've made a note to look into this.

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