IDEX dual IR42

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to use 2 standalone IR hight sensors for an IDEX machine on each x-carriage , to be able to calibrate each hotend, if yes then how to connect them to the duetwifi… as there is only one z probe connector or is there another alternative?

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    It should be possible to use two IR sensors by using the G30 S-2 option to set the tool offset by probing.

    If you can guarantee that only one sensor will be triggered at a time, by parking the other head in a position at which its sensor will not be triggered, then you could connect both sensors in parallel to the Z probe connector and use a trigger threshold of 250 instead of 500.

    Bear in mind that if the nozzles are not at the same height, you can't do ditto printing or mirror printing.

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