Auto Calibration Probing XY Problem

  • I used this:
    To make the bed.g file. All seemed good with less then 0.05 deviation. But I ran it again and the first probe point should of been x 0.00, y 130.00, but y went beyond 130, in fact it went past the edge of the bed which was 150mm.
    Ran it again and the same thing happen. Ran it one more time and then it probed the correct points.
    What and where should I look for the problem.
    Running 1.9.2

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    Do you have X and Y probe offsets in your G31 command in config.g? if so, did you enter those same offsets in the bed.g file generator?

  • Unless those those are generated automatically then no, I did not input any offsets in the G31 command, I will have to check that when I get back to my machine.

  • Just check, G31 P100 X0 Y0 Z-0.1

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    Perhaps the initial M665 and M666 parameters were a long way from the true values, causing the probe points to be inaccurate. Does it probe the correct points, after correcting the M665 and M666 commands in config.g to have the values reported after calibration?

  • Ok I missed a step, never ran M665 and M666 to find the values to input. I did all the calibrations again and this time I ran M665 and M666, took those numbers and input back into the config.g and then I ran M500 to create a config-override.g file
    I think I am good now, at least this part. Running some prints now to see how they come out.

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