Parantes() in filename

  • Hi
    I had 2 files one called shaft.g the other called shaft(Mirrored).g when I selected the mirrored one it always printed the other .when I deleted the normal one, it didn't print anything
    is this a known problem?

  • Yes. "(" is interpreted as a comment by a standard G-code parser.
    You have to use quotes around your filename.

  • I had the problem too. Maybe it would be good idea to rename the file when uploading via javascript? I mean replace () with for example "".

  • administrators

    DWC 1.21RC4 and PanelDue firmware 1.20 both put quotes around the filename as standard. So the problem will go away if you upgrade, unless you are sending the file print commands from Pronterface, Octoprint etc.

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