M-Codes compatibility mode for CNC

  • This is another take on the CNC support tests. For now there are just two issues to consider:

    1. While testing with CNCjs I have found out a rather peculiar behavior and the developer pointed me the return of the M105 command. Of course, I have not defined any extruder in config.g. M105 returns, in this very specific case, "ok T" and this reply is completely unexpected by CNCjs. This result is "by design" or is it just because so far no one used M105 with no extruders defined?

    2. M0 is specified as "The firmware finishes any moves left in its buffer, then RepRapFirmware executes macro file stop.g before all motors and heaters are turned off". Could we have if for CNC mode to leave the motors on? Pausing for cleaning the cutting tool, for example, is not unusual when milling and no one likes to have small offsets or loose master/slave axis alignment because of that. Not to mention that M18 could be the last thing to be done in stop.g if really wanting to turn the steppers off in CNC mode.

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    1. Yes there are people using RRF with no heaters. Why would a program for sending CNC GCode send M105?

    2. You can configure the response of RRF to M0 by providing a stop.g file. If stop.g is provided, it doesn't turn the motors off.

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