Why am I seeing this?

  • M98 P"0:/macros/Mesh-Grid Probe"
    Error: Bed calibration: 0 points provided but only 3, 4 and 5 supported

    my mesh-grid probe macro just contains:
    M561 ;disable compensation
    G1 X135 Y97 Z5 F2000 ;move to bed centre
    G30 :set Z=0 level
    G1 Z5 ;lift nozzle
    G29 ;grid compensation
    G1 X140 Y100 Z50 F2000 ;centre head

    and im running 1.21RC4

    EDIT also does it on RC5, although it completes the mesh probe and saves the mesh just fine.

  • administrators

    Because in this line:

    G30 :set Z=0 level

    you used a colon instead of a semicolon.

  • Great spot David thanks.

    Just curious though until I upgraded to 1.21rcx it didn't throw a warning about this.

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