M563 fan mapping

  • Ok I got my setup sorted out so far but I have a question regarding the fan mapping.

    For the Duex board I split all my fans for right and left hotend, that is the hotend cooling fan and the print cooling fan.
    Before I had both connected to one port and one definition for each pair.
    So using M106 started both print fans also if the second carriage was not in use.
    Same for the hotend fans which were thermostatically controlled.

    Now with the Duex I use a fan channel for each just because I can.

    I set it up and it works but I have concerns this will work with an actual print.
    When I do a dual print I just set my fan speeds for layers and the slicer adds the M106 commands when that layer is reached. S3D does not support multiple fans.
    So I have to use the mapping.
    But when the fan of the left hotend is running and I switch tools it still runs but not the fan of the right hotend. I have to send the M106 command again, then the fan of the right hotend starts running.

    I thought, and correct me if I am wrong, switching tools with a fan mapping should transfer the value of the previously mapped fan to the new mapped fan and turn the first one off WITHOUT sending the M106 command again or a specific M106 for the unused fan to turn it off.

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    Alex the behaviour you describe is a logical way to think about it but not how it is currently implented as far as I can tell from similar tests. The M106 with no fan channel designated with the P parameters only effects currently selected hotend mapped fans.

    I have a similar setup to you: thermostatic fans for the extruders and pwm controlled for print cooling. I keep meaning to test if I map both fans to both tools using m563 if this will work. Ie F0:1 for example

  • If I unterstand the documentation correct mapping both to each tool both will run if I send M106, that's a workaround for the moment.
    But I don't see the point of the current implementation, maybe David can clarify?

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    The current behaviour is not useful. My excuse is that I don't have an IDEX machine to test on. I will fix it in version 1.17.

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