T3P3 Kossel Mini w/Duet Wifi and Haydn Magball Arms

  • Just over a year ago I decided that the Think3DPrint 3D Kossel Mini with with a DuetWifi would be the perfect 3rd printer for me. When I contacted them, they were just getting out of the business of selling those kits, but Roland was able to work to find the parts I needed, including a DuetWiFi and Titan Extruder.

    After 8 month of usage, I decided to move to Haydn Huntley's Magball arms and Magballs. While I initially planned to use the Smart Effector, I realized (thanks to David and Tony) that I would lose quite a bit of print area on the already compact Kossel Mini. After searching for some time, I ended up using carriages that were a slight modification of Haydn's design, along with an effector of my own design that incorporated the same E3D-V6 mounting points of the T3P3 effector. I also incorporated a parts cooling fan with 40mm blower using a wonderful nozzle designed by @Cova on Thingiverse, which I modified to work with a slightly modified version of the T3P3 fan shroud and E3D-V6 mount. Together, this compact design works well without giving up much print area, whereas many Kossel Mini parts cooling fans stick out quite far, limiting print area in at least one direction.

    My modified parts are all on Thingiverse:


    I have a full album of images available on Imgur (many of which are also in the Thingiverse pages) available here: https://imgur.com/a/uKiu1

    But here is the overall printer:


  • Looks awesome!

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