WiFi connection error - code -7

  • Hello,
    I have an issue with WiFi connection to my printer. I had to use the Fallback procedure #3 after accidentially pressed erase button. I installed 1.21RC4 software, then the proper DuetWiFiServer.bin and DuetWebControl. But during installing WiFiServer i've got something like this:

    Trying to connect at 230400 baud:
    Erasing 4096 bytes…
    Erasing 233472 bytes...
    Uploading file...
    5% complete
    95% complete
    Upload successful
    WiFi module started
    Error: Failed to initialise WiFi module, code -7

    After sending M552S0 it give back the same error.
    Info after sending M115:

    FIRMWARE_NAME: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet FIRMWARE_VERSION: 1.21RC4 ELECTRONICS: Duet WiFi 1.0 or 1.01 FIRMWARE_DATE: 2018-03-11 build 1

    Could you tell me please, what this error means? What I have to do to connect by WiFi?

    Kind Regards,

  • administrators

    The error usually means that you have incompatible versions of main firmware and DuetWiFiServer. However, very occasionally it happens at other times, and can be cured by either a reset or by sending M552 S-1 followed by M552 S1.

  • Reset, M552 S-1 and M552 S1 didn't work.
    I exchanged .bin files in SD card /sys folder (Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin, DuetWiFiServer.bin, iap4e.bin, RepRapFirmware.bin) and all in /www to Verson 1.21RC4 files from https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware/releases
    Then M997S1

    I didn't chage DuetWebControl.bin in /sys - it have 3052 KB.

  • administrators

    Try the 1.21RC5 files. Copy Duet2CombinedFirmware.bin and DuetWiFiServer.bin to /sys, restart the Duet, send M997 S0 and when the main firmware has installed, send M997 S1. You don't need ReprapFirmware.bin, that is for older Duets. Also DuetWebControl.zip needs to be either uploaded via DWC or unzipped to /www - easiest is to upload it via DWC when you have the web interface working again.

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