Warning about Bossa 1.8 flashing Paneldue

  • I´ll just want to let people know. i had a real trouble today.

    i did see that there was a new firmware for the display.
    flashed it with boosa 1.8 x64 and the Display died. not a single life in it.
    after searching and searching i gave it one last time and somehow if u flash with the gui it did not flash the firmware correctly on the v2 paneldue.
    i did manage to get it working after alot of headache. u need to use the command promt and flash it with "bossac.exe" –port=COM6 -e -w -v -b PanelDue-v2-4.3.bin then it flashed it correctly and it did start again.
    just a heads up so if other people get the same problems they can solve it 😄

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    If you flash using the gui you must check boxes "Erase all", "Lock" and "Boot from flash".

    There is a bug in the gui version which means that on high DPI monitors, some of the buttons and check boxes are not displayed.

  • Yeah i had them checked. it was really weird because last time i flashed the firmware it worked with the gui. i think it was the 1.18 files i used then.. that´s why i tought it was a good idé if other update their display and other gets the same problem . so they maybe find this thread hehe 🙂

  • I tried it about a week ago using David's guide and instructions and it worked OK for me then…........... Just double checked and it was 15th March so 4 days ago.

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