Duet Ethernet api

  • Hi all,

    Going to get started on assembling my Duet Ethernet and have some queries regarding data access from Duet Ethernet. I have a webserver I run at home that I use to control media center, freezer temp module, etc remotely. I am interested in integrating Duet with it so that I may have a dashboard for everything at home.

    Of course I can just Iframe the current web interface and be done with it. But rather than that I want to actually use the widgets/templates I have to control the printer and would like some kind of interface to get the information from Duet board. Basically I want an api to either seek specific information (current temp, status, % done, voltages, etc) and another api to control the printer(start print, heat bed, goto x,y,z, home, etc).

    Does such functionality already exist ?

    If not I will also have an ESP32 within wiring range of Duet. Can I wire something to Duet using I2C, SPI, Serial to get the above described functionality, because I can then use ESP32 to publish/subscribe to my MQTT broker and satisfy the above requirements easily?

    I understand USB establishes a serial connection using which I can do all of this, but is their a pinout which can interface with ESP32?

  • You can try using HTTP requests just like how the Duet Web Control communicate with the Duet

  • Thanks, this is what I was looking for.

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