Nozzle pressure?

  • Hi all,

    So I've recently upgraded to a Duet Wifi from the stock board on my Wanhao i3 plus (running Flexion HT extruder). I've found that after the upgrade I get a lot of oozing after the print, I get blobbing and stringing; all of which I didn't get before the change of board.

    Could this be due to nozzle pressure?
    How do I fix it?
    Has anyone else experienced this with the Duet boards?

    I've played with different retraction settings but I've had to go quite high (5mm retraction at 120mm/s) with coasting and nozzle wipe (Simplify 3D) just to get half decent results. My issue is that I'm asking for nozzle clogs with retraction settings like that so would prefer other methods of resolving the problem?
    As this only happened after changing the board I'm sure there must be a programmatic solution to the problem..?

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    Does your printer use a Bowden tube between the extruder drive and the hot end? If so, how long is the tube?

  • No, there's no Bowden tube

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    It may be a difference in the temperature reading. Perhaps it was reading higher than actual with your previous electronics, or perhaps you don't have the correct thermistor parameters configured in config.g and it is now reading lower than actual temperature. Either way, you would be printing hotter now, which will cause greater stringing and oozing.

  • Ah, good shout, thanks. Will play with temp settings then…

  • Quick question: why when querying M92 do I get the E steps repeated:

    Steps/mm: X: 80.000, Y: 80.000, Z: 400.000, E: 100.780:100.780:100.780:100.780:100.780:100.780:100.780:100.780:100.780

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    Because the firmware assumes that any drivers of the 12 supported that you haven't assigned explicitly areused for extruders.

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