Extra thermistor reading

  • is there any way to get an extra thermistor reading
    i have 2 hot ends and 1 heated bed all working fine but i also have a water cooler i would like to monitor the temp of.
    of i use a thermistor in the water is there a way i can take the reading via the board

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    Use M305 to create a named virtual heater. I guess we could use a wiki page about this, but I haven't time to right one at present. Any volunteers?

  • so reading up do i need another board to do this or can it connect direct to the duet wifi board somehow

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    If you have a spare thermistor connector (E1?) then you can connect it to that.

  • no i am using 2 extruders and a heated bed

  • You can connect to the expansion connector H3-7 but you need a reference resistor to do so. If I get chance David I can do a wiki page for you I have probably every type of heat sensor setup except thermocouples.

    If you don't want to use the expansion connector then the best bet is to use pt100 sensors this frees up the thermistor inputs for "extra" temp sensors.

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    As DjDemonD says. If you want to add an additional thermistor, connect it between your chosen thermistor input on the expansion connector and VSSA. Connect a 4k7 1% reference resistor between the thermistor input and ADVREF.

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