Move from 24V to 12V ATX supply

  • Hi all,

    I have a Tevo Tornado and I am in the process of migrating the controller box to be controlled by a Duet ethernet board. The 24V PSU on Tevo Tornado is used to run everything except the heatbed. As a part of migration I am also moving all the components to a mini-ITX case. So I was thinking that since the PSU doesn't have to run the heatbed, I can move down to 12V ATX PSU and make a very clean system. The PSU fits perfectly in my case and power output will be much cleaner.

    Will my Stepper motor run slowly if I drop down to 12V? Of course the new PSU will be rated much higher then the one I got from Tevo. I have 18AWG wire that I can use to counter the voltage drop.

    Also can I use something like 12-24 step-up converter to get 24V out of a ATX power supply?…dp/B06WGRJ2CM/

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    I don't recommend using a step-up converter with a 12V PSU. You can work out the stepper driver supply voltage you need to achieve a desired target speed using the calculator at

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