CoreXY movement issues 1.21

  • Following the CoreXY config guide all movement per wiki guide steps are correct x movement test moves x and y in positive direction and y movement test x moves in positive direction and y in negative. X and Z homes correctly but Y homes in the opposite direction. X Y and Z move in correct direction when manually jogged. So the issue is that while Y will move in the correct direction, it homes in the opposite direction. I’m using normally closed switches in the min position on all axis.
    On a separate note, using the online firmware tool does not give the enstop location selection option (they are visible but greyed out).

  • did you maybe swap the x an y motor?

  • administrators

    If X and Y jog in the correct directions but Y homes the wrong way, that implies that your homall.g and homey.g files are homing Y the wrong way.

    Looking at the front of your printer, which directions are +x and +y, and where are your endstop switches located?

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