Creating own bin files for web interface?

  • If I want to make a visually customized version of the web interface, how do I create my own .bin file for use with the DuetWiFi firmware?

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    There is a Windows script for building DuetWebControl.bin at It uses 7-zip and mkspiffs so you need to install those first.

  • I have created a .sh shell script that will run on OS X or Linux and I plan to submit to David to add but I am having a constant disconnect problem (but that is also happening with the official DWC.bin too) so I am not sure if my built .bin works because I haven't been able to test it. PM or email me and I'll send it to you if you'd like to test. I have extracted all the files from my .bin and compared to an extract from David's and the files are all there in the proper places and I checked the contents of the concatenated .js and .css files too so I feel reasonably confident it should work.

  • The linux/OS X version also uses gzip (installed on both OSes by default) and mkspiffs which I describe where to get and install in /etc.

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