I thought this would be impossible

  • I thought I'd make a tool rack\holder\thingy to go on one of the horizontal members of my printer frame. The trouble was, it really needed to be printed on it's end and I wanted it about 300mm long (high). I honestly thought it would fall off the bed after about 100mm if I was lucky, and I'd end up making 3 or 4 short ones. I used a 3mm brim to give it it's best chance. Here is a little 2 minute video of the last few layers.


    I guess that's a testament to 3DLAC on hot glass (60 deg C first layer, 50 thereafter). PLA at 195 degC, 0.5mm nozzle, O.3mm layer height.

    Edit. That link may not work, depending on your browser so I finally dragged myself a bit further into the 21st century and created a YouTube channel. Herewith a link https://youtu.be/vG1WqijJ634

  • Nice print. Its very satisfying when something that shouldn't work, works brilliantly.

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