Preheat the inactive nozzle with G10

  • Hello everybody,
    I have rebuilt my Ultimaker2 DUAL on DuetWifi, and am now trying to adapt my setup to the new commands.
    I'm just trying on G10 S # R # and Tool change macros.
    I think the G10 is a good idea, I like it.

    Now my question:
    But if there is a possibility to pre-heat the nozzle with T # P # without activating the tool, that would considerably reduce the printing time, also known as TempMagic by Cura.
    More simply, there is a possibility to set the "Active" temperature stored in G10 without directly selecting the tool.
    Or I have to dodge again on M104, but then the G10 is useless for me.

    Here is a gcode excerpt as I had before:

    M104 T0 S185 ; Now it starts to heat for the next nozzle change
    G1 X113.481 Y122.166 E2.9713
    G1 X113.783 Y122.183 E2.9731
    G1 X114.024 Y122.189 E2.9745
    G1 X121.813 Y114.400 E3.0387
    G1 X121.813 Y114.966 E3.0420
    G1 X114.582 Y122.197 E3.1017
    G1 X115.162 Y122.182 E3.1051
    G1 X121.813 Y115.531 E3.1600
    G1 X121.813 Y116.097 E3.1633
    The time span has been calculated
    G1 X140.643 Y117.066 E4.3847
    G1 X140.643 Y117.284 E4.3860
    G1 X139.750 Y119.656 E4.4328
    G1 X140.379 Y119.593 E4.4365
    G1 X140.590 Y119.381 E4.4382
    G1 X140.661 Y119.311 F1485
    G92 E0
    G1 E-5.0000 F2400
    ; process Silk
    ; layer 82, Z = 8.150
    G1 X123.645 Y94.617 F9000 ;turm_pos1
    ;Tool Change Script Temp
    M104 S160 T1
    G1 E-20.000 F2700
    M109 S185 T0
    T0 ; New Tool

    Is there a way to do that?

  • administrators

    M104 T# Snnn will set both active and standby temperatures of tool # to nnn

  • Thank you for your answer

    This also overrides the temperatures defined in G10, right?
    I was hoping that there would be a possibility to work with the new G10 (for example G10 P0 S225 R170) function.

    But I need a variant to implement the preheat.
    Is there something there?

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