Please help, I am a little confused about the wiring of the motors

  • Hi there,
    Actually I am a little confused about the wiring of the stepper motors:
    As shown in this picture ( ) you use 4 colors:

    • 1 A (green)
    • 1 B (black)
    • 2 A (blue)
    • 2 B (red)

    In the documentation of the steppers I bought, the "coils" are named:

    • first coil - A and A\
    • second coil - B and B\

    So how is the difference in wiring the motor on the duet? Is it like that, that on coil is 1 A and 1 B and the other 2 A and 2 B? Or is it that one coil is 1 A and 2 A and the other 1 B and 2 B?

    Same question for the Z- Motors:
    under the board the names are different from the other drivers:

    • first 4 Pins: 1B, L1, L2, 2B
    • second (the one not in the row with the other connectors) L1, 1A, 2A, L2

    So how do I have to wire these motors? (using 2 Z-Motors)

    Would be happy if you could help, don't want to burn down my board the first try I plug something in 😄

    greetings kuhni

  • The Wires of the coils should be connected in following way:

    A to 1A; A\ to 1B; B to 2A; B\ to 2B
    Alternatively (Rotation will be Inverted):
    A to 2B; A\ to 2A; B to 1B; B\ to 1A

    As for Z:
    Motor #1: A to 1B; A\ to L1; B to L2; B\ to 2B
    Motor #2: A to L1; A\ to 1A; B to 2A; B\ to L2

    The Z-Motors are wired in series, for I believe reducing the required drive current.

    Hope I could help (and didn't make you kill your board ???)

  • So the 1 is for the first coil and the 2 for the second? And A or B are just the 2 connectors like + and - ?

  • I think so

  • administrators

    To check that you have wired the 4-pin connector that plugs into the Duet correctly, do this test before plugging it in. Use a piece of solid core wire to short the two pins at one end of the connector together. That should make it much harder to spin the shaft of the motor with your fingers. Likewise if you short the two pins at the other end of the connector.

  • @dc42- this is what I wanted to do first. My question just was whether the connectors on the board are 1 for coil 1 and 2 for coil to and not A for coil 1 and B for coil 2 🙂

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