AC Bed Heater Banding problem

  • Running a 110v ac 800w keenovoo with SSR and getting banding on my delta. I originally thought it was that I was using a thin aluminum heat spreader and it was flexing. well today I peeled the heater off and stuck directly to my 350mm x 5mm glass bed. Same result. I've ran a Pid and did M500 but not sure if I did it all right. would like to know where in firmware I can manually enter the results like I did in marlin. I've also loaded all wiring with ferrite shields-no help. I did get the warning that my bed heater is overpowered but doesn't make sense to me that that means anything since I'm connected to SSR. Thanks

  • if your print with heated bed disabled the is the result without banding ? if so you have to tune your PID better

  • yes when I turn off bed the banding stops. I think I did the pid correctly. I will try again after the print is done.

  • This means you have high temperature fluctuation over a short period of time, no matter if the heater is attached to aluminium or glass, both will expand and contract as the temperatures rise and fall

  • I'm sure of that. I just need to figure out if M500 actually does anything.

  • the only thing M500 do is saving an override file with some variables that will be used instead of the ones in config.g

  • Ok so just noticed I do not have m501 at end of my config. Will add and test

  • It was not having m501 in my config. Works perfectly now. Thanks!!

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