Y axis not homing correctly

  • I just installed the firmware for 1.21. I have been chasing down issues with all my macros and homing files. I am down to one issue I can not figure out. When I press home x, it homes x just fine. When I press home y, y will go to the y end stop and hit it hard once and that is it. I have z to go to x150 y150 and then home. When I press home z it will go to x150, y will not move and the bl touch deploys and the bed starts up. I have to stop it because at x 150 y0, the probe will not hit the bed. I believe this is connected with the faulty y homing. Here is my homey.g file. Anybody see an issue?

    ; homey.g
    ; called to home the Y axis
    ; generated by RepRapFirmware Configuration Tool on Sat Mar 24 2018 15:13:18 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
    G91 ; relative positioning
    G1 Z5 F6000 S2 ; lift Z relative to current position
    G1 S1 Y-305 F1800 ; move quickly to Y axis endstop and stop there (first pass)
    G1 Y-5 F6000 ; go back a few mm
    G1 S1 Y-305 F360 ; move slowly to Y axis endstop once more (second pass)
    G1 Z-5 F6000 S2 ; lower Z again
    G90 ; absolute positioning

  • I have it figured out. The reprap configurator set my end stop code wrong. It was set as M574 X1 Y2 S1. It should have been M574 X1 Y1 S1. Everything is working fine now.

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