Force user to turn ATX power on before trying to execute homing moves

  • Whew, just got back from MRRF 2018 - what a great time! Cool to see other Duet's out in the wild and to get to talk to Tony/T3P3. One of the things that I brought up to him in one of the conversations we had is that currently, the Duet doesn't prevent you or throw an error if you try to home the machine before turning the ATX power on.
    I realize that the number of people actually using a separate 5V supply is probably pretty slim, so this is probably more of a niche concern. Tony did suggest adding the M80 command + a delay at the beginning of a homing scripts as a method to fix this issue, so I'll give that a shot and see how it goes.

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    It was great to chat to you and your brother at the show. Thanks for the PanelDue 7i case that Michael had on his Railecore:

    Let me know how the M80 + slight delay works out however throwing an error if the main power supply is not on and allowing that error to be customised to turn on the atx power supply would be a good feature for the future.



  • +1 for this I've brought this up before.

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