How fast F in M558 for IR height sensor ?

  • I have my height sensor working but thought I might try to speed up the probing a bit. How fast can I reasonably set the F parameter in M558 for probing from the dive height after the initial detection?
    I've had a search through the forum and found one post with F600, while most seem to be F120. The speed in the video of the delta probing on David's IR Height Sensor page seems very fast.
    F800 seems to generate consistent results with no retries after the 2nd probe with M558 A5 (no S so left at default 0.03).
    Is there a recommendation for F somewhere that I'm missing?

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    I think I was using either F300 or F600 in that video. The sample interval for analog Z probes is 1ms, so F600 (10mm/sec) would give a theoretical uncertainty of 0.01mm; except that probing speed is reduced by a factor of 3 when the sensor indicates that it is close, so the uncertainty would actually be 0.0033mm.

    You may wish to use a M558 S parameter somewhat lower than the default 0.03mm, depending on the Z resolution of your printer.

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