Setup For A SeeMeCnC Rostock Max V2 with laser cut trucks etc

  • Folks looking for a quick steer.

    I have Max V2 where I have added a second extruder but kept the original arms and delta hardware.

    Where I am currently is I have all the drives running correctly eg I can home axis , drive the extruders and have the heaters running and PID tuned.

    I gave the original Rambo source code and references to it but at the moment have struggled to apply it to duo settings.
    eg on the Rambo you could drive the Z axis down till you reached the table and set the Z axis limit but I haven't seen how to do it on a duet yet.

    If you can help out I would be grateful

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    Does your printer have a Z probe, or not?

  • It will do
    One of yours ( But its not connected up yet )

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    Until you have a Z probe, you can set the Z probe type to 0 in the M558 command (M558 P0). Then you can run delta calibration as normal (see and the web interface will prompt you. If you just want to establish an accurate Z=0 height before printing, position the nozzle over the centre of the bed and send G30.

    HTH David

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