Duet WiFi fan confusion

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to get a fan working to go into the housing for the Wifi board. but I only need it running at half speed if that (its a pretty beefy fan for its job)

    It's a 4 wire 12v fan.

    I've connected just the Vin and ground to the FAN1 connector on the board.

    I can only make it turn on with this command "M106 P1 I1" The I1 part is needed or it doesn't work. And S0.1-1 or S50/S100/S255 have no affect on speed.

    How do I slow down this fan?

    All help appreciated!

    Many Thanks

  • administrators

    Connect the red and black wires to an always on fan connector, and the PWM wire to the FAN- pin of your chosen fan connector. Use parameter I1 innthe M106 command to invert the polarity.

  • I'll try that and report back, cheers!

  • Isn't P1 defined to be a thermostatically controlled by default? You need to disable it first:

    M106 P1 H-1

    Then send your variable rate.

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